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Intraday Trading System... on 30 minutes candle

1/1/2016 6:34:51 PM

Intraday Trading System... on 30 minutes candle

SmartTrader+ is basically a technical analysis software of next generation. It is completely online tool without hesitations and botheration of installing and maintaining desktop software or downloading daily data. Everything is available to you on a single login. Anywhere access is an additional advantage. Very soon the mobile ready site will also be available. 

Now, coming on to the point. Today I am going to talk about earning in the Intraday. Earning consistently in Intraday is very difficult. Daily finding profitable calls in extremely volatile markets is off course not a cup of everybody's tea.

The question is, What is this SmartTrader+ Intraday Trading System? How to trade based on it? What is the target and what is the stop loss

It is as simple as trading on any SMS Tips or SMS calls. The only difference is, you can see the calls on chart in front of you and also you can check the merits of the calls on technical basis. After all its a "Complete Technical Analysis" software too..

The issue with SMS Tips or any other expert advise is that it can not be checked by the traders or traders did not tends to check or test the merits of the call given by the so called experts. 

The another big issue is a myth among the traders. Majority of Traders following tips believes that they can make profitable trades based on these Tips. And they also pay extremely huge monthly subscriptions to such Tips providers. 

But the fact is that: Bitter Truth rather, is that no body - mark my words, no body has yet earned based on any such tips. There are so many factors involved in the failure of such Tips or calls. One of them is Fear and Greed factor, other is SMS delay, delay in trade and delay sometimes becomes horrible if the trader is trading on phone.

So, what is the difference between these tips and our SmartTrader+ Buy Sell calls? 
Somebody asked me that you are also giving calls. The only difference is that you are giving it in software. 

True, But there is some major differences between our SmartTrader+ Intraday Trading System and The SMS Tips provided by any experts. Our calls are generated by the software based on some renowned time tested Technical Analysis Strategies which is plotted directly on the charts. The calls are displayed in a separate Recommendation Window and users can set audible alerts for the calls too. Means, you will get a pop-up alert message with sound in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. The calls will be stored in the same recommendation window for 3-4 days. So that users can verify the accuracy of the calls given. 

So what? This is a very common thing. Every second software company claims that they have such system. What is new here?

The difference is the accuracy. We have above average accuracy for 30 minutes trading. The calls can be extended to positional trade too if the conditions are favorable, and thus users can make excellent profits. 

For example, Kaveri Seeds, yesterday give 10% rise in just intraday trading. Our Intraday Trading System has given Buy call at 9:30 in the morning. The price recorded was 331.65. The stock was opened at 315. Almost 5% in just first 15 minutes and the call was generated on the closing of 30 minutes candle. 

The call continued till the end of the day and closed at 353.60 after hitting high of 354. The profit generated after our call was 21.95 Rs. on closing basis amounting 6.6% profit 

It is not the only one call our software has generated. For knowing daily Buy/Sell calls on our state of the art SmartTrader+ Intraday Trading System, Please login and register on:

Lets change the face of intraday trading...

Happy Trading...Trend is Friend...

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