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Nifty 300 Points Monthly in single lot...

4/27/2016 5:16:41 PM

Nifty 300 Points Monthly in single lot...

Nifty-50 without doubt, the leading index of the country, has againg started the uptrend after hitting the low in February. The index has already given more than 1000 points in the span of just tow months. The low hit was of 6825.8 on 29th February and the high hit today in Intrday till 13:30 is 7988. Straight way gain of 1162 points n cash basis. if same thing count on Future basis, the profit in amount would have been more than 85000 on a single lot within 2 months  Offcourse, no one can make full amount of profit stated here.

Then, the question is, what should be the amount one would have earned within these 2 months? Again the qnswer is not that simple. As very few traders are mentally able to hold the counter for such a longer period of 2 months. But, if some one has the capacity and if he really wants to hold the index and continue it even with the roll over, then our SmarTrader+ software has given the buy call at 7222 on the closing of 1st March. This also might nave given profit of 800 points staright way. 

But, today I am not talking about our SmartTrader+ software. SmartTrader+ software positional call system has and extraordinary track record of giving extremely handsome returns on positional tarding basis in Indices. 

Today I will be discussing about our new product: SmartNifty.

It is a new product specially designed for the traders who are trading Nifty Futures in Intraday or very short term positional basis. SmarNifty has a significance in consistent earnings on Monthly basis. The tool is working on the basis of our own research-strategy. The strategy is so advanced that it takes care of Stop Losses and allowing the traders to trail their trades to make optimum profits.

SmartNifty works on the basic principal's of Technical Analysis. The concept of this product is to earn a particular amount of profits trading in the Nifty itself and manage the risk of loss. The profit part is set at about 300 points after deducting the losses made in the future trading on monthly basis. We have taken care of expenses of brokerage and taxes while designing this product. The product is designed to have number of trades as low as possible. For example, in the month of April there were only 5 trades to get the profit of 298 points in Nifty. Details are given in the table given below.


Table: 1 - Nifty 3 Months Profits on Single Lot
Month No of Trades P/L Points P/l Amount
Apr-16 5 298.4 22380
Mar-16 11 319.6 23970
Feb-16 9 355.9 26692.5
Total 25 973.9 73042.5


Above table also shows the points earned in the last 3 months by working on our trading system. In February, SmartNifty has given 355 points, which in turn gave profit of 26600 Rs in Futures trade. Similary, Month of March, It gave return of 319 points and 23970 profits, and April, it gave 298 points with profit of 22380 points. This working is purely based on a single lot trading. 

Nifty Traders can take benefit of this simplest system evere made for trading in Nifty Futures. People interested in trading this system can register on our website http://www.nseadata.com and request for the demo. Else traders can call us on 7405100012 and ask for further details.

Happy Trading...Trend is Friend

Tushar Dave

Total 3 Comments

  • Gajanan
    4/29/2016 4:52:21 PM

    Good software

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  • devabrata
    4/30/2016 7:55:56 PM

    please arrange for a demo

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  • thulasi
    5/13/2016 6:41:04 PM

    iam an employee working from 9 to 5. how can i trade smart nifty? is it suitable for me or not?

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