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15 minute opening range Brakeout

Krishna Kedia
3/5/2018 4:27:14 PM

15 minute opening range Brakeout

Cross Time Strategies: 15 Min Opening Range Breakout

By definition, a cross-time strategy is one that operates on two or more different time intervals at the same time and offers multiple confirmations simultaneously. The trader needs to decide upon the specific validations that he/she is looking for at each time level, based on which a funnel of confirmations is designed, which in turn gives rise to a potent cross time trading strategy.  This may sound simple; however, the theory falls far from practicality when it comes to cross time trading.

Coming up with a successful cross time strategy not only requires complete and thorough knowledge of technical analysis but also requires a focused/disciplined approach from the trader. This is too much to handle for anyone, owing to which the traders started involving sophisticated technical analysis software in their trading process. Yet again the trading community was left with nothing but disappointment as there is hardly any technical analysis software that is capable enough to meet the said requirements, and the ones that do are way too expensive.

This is where TraderGuide comes to the rescue!  TraderGuide has come up a strategy/query builder that not only allows the user to set multiple criteria at the same time and get results on a live basis, but also allows them to modify the criteria anytime as per their requirement. In addition to this, the system also helps the user in maintaining a healthy risk-reward ratio at all times.

Let’s take a look at the TraderGuide strategy/query builder by working out one of the most popular cross time strategies i.e. “15 Min Opening Range Breakout Strategy”. The (15 Min Opening Range Breakout Strategy)is based on the premise that whenever the LTP (last traded price) breaks the high of the first 15 min candle of the day, it gets good for buying and if the LTP breaks the low of the first 15 min candle of the day, it gets good for selling. This strategy requires taking confirmation on two-time intervals i.e. 15 min and live. However, at TraderGuide we add one more confirmation from our side to enhance the outcomes of this already powerful strategy, even further.


Following are the results that appeared on our scanner on March 5, 2018.

In totality, 15-16 results appeared throughout the day and most of them were rewarding. The ability of the strategy/query builder offered by TraderGuide makes it increasingly easy for the user to make money out of this strategy. The user also has the liberty to add more criteria (if desired) to bring down the result count. Needless to say, the TraderGuide team is always at the discretion of the clients and helps them out to the best of their ability.


Come, join us @ TraderGuide and experience the every profitable “15 Min Opening Range Breakout Strategy” and tons of other cross time strategies.  


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