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3/16/2018 2:30:17 PM



Emotions are our feelings, the sensations in our bodies. Almost every moment of life they rule us in various forms like fear, greed, anxiety, thrill and many more. These causes of emotions influence the power of decision making within us, also not excluding the decisions for Investing.

One cannot turn down the event of volatility of the stock market which is as a result of the emotions. Financiers try to predict the market just not by the scientific method of the trading but by the external and internal forces which in return forces the investor to take a hasty decision to react.

A big part of financial freedom is to have your mind and heart calm and free from worry.  If the trader can control the sensations and temperament, he can win the stock market's worse situation on a positive note.

The best way to beat the emotions is to stay calm and control them and also being alert in trading of stocks of the right Company with right Entry & Exit with the help of the scientific method of trading  - Technical Analysis.

Sow the seeds of trading with the cool temperament and reap their fruits in form of profits.

So here at TraderGuide.in we alert our investors by making them keep check on their decision with our strategies and logic and also by making them cautious about when to book profits with controlled sentiments.

Below is the chart shown to justify the above case:

On Dec 8, 2017,   Buy call was generated by our Traderguide.in software on Tata Motors @ 411.14. From the prescribed levels, the stock zoomed over 5% and was still holding well. The stock was not showing any weakness but the TraderGuide.in software generated a Sell call @ 433.3, which was a precursor to book profits and take a short position in the stock. Anyone who went by a feeling, driven by greed of earning higher profits ended up by losing everything that they had gained till time. However, those stockholders who preferred a rational and scientific approach over emotions and sentiments, adapted Traderguide.in support and confidence to act and not react to the situation earned good profit for them. 




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