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Krishna Kedia
12/8/2018 2:44:59 PM


Traders and investors have been using Moving Averages for a really long time and in ways that suit their trading styles. Many use it to determine the trend, while others us it to identify support and resistance. There is yet another class of traders that use moving average crossovers to initiate trade. Strategies such as these have been around for a really long time but have failed to offer reasonable results. Owing to this, many traders shifted to other moving average based indicators such as MACD (moving average convergence divergence), Bollinger Bands etc. This, however, is not the end of moving average crossover strategies as from the same class, Trader Guide has come up with a unique moving average crossover strategy that offers much better results in comparison to any other falling under the same category.

The strategy is called “Sangam Strategy” and it aims to offer fewer trading calls but much higher accuracy, thereby making the lives of trend reversal traders much easier. Under its almighty screener, the Query Builder, trader guide offers this strategy as an inbuilt strategy to all its users.

Following are the results that appeared in the Sangam Strategy as on Dec 8, 2018: -


The aforementioned pic shows that five trades have been generated on the Sangam Strategy. This strategy offers an opportunity to all traders to make money on both side by offering Buy and Sell calls simultaneously. Traders are advised to consider the movement of the index prior to picking stocks from the aforementioned list.

Traders are advised to visit the official website of Trader Guide i.e. (www.traderguide.in)and register themselves for free. This will give them an opportunity to go through the amazing web based technical analysis software called Smart Trader +, where they can find Query Builder and number of such amazing trading strategy that it houses.

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