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Krishna Kedia
12/14/2018 10:50:29 AM


Moving averages have always been one of the most commonly used indicators of all times. Traders use it determining the broader market trend, the support and resistance that the stock may witness and even the trend reversals that occur time and again. Owing to its sensitivity, different moving averages are used for intraday trading, swing trading and long-term trading process. One of the most effective and rewarding trend reversal strategy that has emerged from moving averages is the Golden Crossover.

Golden Crossover is a situation where-in a stock witnesses a positive crossover of a 50-period moving average and the 200-period moving average. The crossover is deployed for medium to long term trading and particularly favored by the traders as it helps them to negate intraday volatility and track a fixed trend over a period of time. The golden crossover has been known to offer handsome returns to its investors as it is a trend tracking strategy that amalgamates medium-term and long-term time frame.

Trader Guide, in its web-based technical analysis software, offers a highly advanced screener called query builder that will detect such great money-making opportunities with the click of a button.

Following is the result that appeared on the Query Builder upon running the golden crossover strategy, as on Dec 13, 2018: -


To get a hang of more of such money minting opportunities, every trader must visit www.traderguide.in and initiate their journey towards successful trading. One can register for free and get a three day free trial wherein they can check the effectiveness of the software and how it proves to be helpful to them.

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