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Option Tracking System...AXIS PE 480 Buy @ 9.55 yesterday...

10/8/2015 12:45:39 PM

Option Tracking System...AXIS PE 480 Buy @ 9.55 yesterday...

NSEData.com provides charting software equity market. The charting tool consist of various decision making tool useful to traders to make decisions in intraday and positional - both. 

On the 6th of October 2015, the option screener gave buying indication for TATAMotors Call of 330 strike price @ 9.95. We purchase the same for Rs 10 and book the profit at 15 in intraday. Straight way 50% profit. Though not too lucrative for the market having potential of giving 1000% profits in a single trade. But if we would have continued if for over night, it achieves high of 24 Rs next day, which stands for almost 140% of profit in just two days...

This not the last one. Our Option Tracker system is generating ample amount of buying opportunities on the intraday charts for option traders...

Yesterday on 7th of October 2015, we found another opportunity for buying put of AXISBank of 480 strike price. The image shows the chart for the same. The buying opportunity was generated on 5 minutes candle charts at 12:50 and the price was 9.55 for the PE of 480 strike price. it goes high upto 17.25 today qt 11:50. which generated the profit of 80%.  

So the power of option trading with SmartOption - a money making machine,,. is tremendous. The trader trading in stock call and puts can make extensive use of this trading system....

Get yourself registered on the website: NSEData.com to get this software and make good profits...

Happy Trading...Trend is Friend...

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