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Trading with NSEData Strategy Traders Paradise....

12/8/2015 5:07:39 PM

Trading with NSEData Strategy Traders Paradise....

NSEData.com - in the market since 2009, has developed a completely unique and effective intra day trading strategy. This strategy has been named NSEData strategy and implemented directly on the charts.

At NSEData.com, our reserachers are always looking for some innovative ways to make profits from the most happening market place of India. We particulary provide Buy-Sell decision making system for almost all the segment of NSE - means equity cash positional and intraday both, Futures - Positonal and Intraday both and even for options - Call and Put...

As NSE has increased the lot size for all derivatives, the small investors has lost the advantage of trading in futures and options. The capital required for trading has been drastically high - almost 3 times then before.

In the situation, we have come up with the solution for making daily 3-4 trades in the intraday market and earn good profits uptp 1% and more. The State of the art intra-day trading system provides wonderful opportunity to make money for an individual trader...

Not taking too much of time, I am coming on the point. Just see the image below...

Intrday Trading System by NSEData.com

In this image, The chart shows 5 minutes candlestick chart for RECLTD. The sell call was generated in the "Intraday Sell" window. The CMP was 222.35 and the time was 9:35. The tentative target given was 220.8 and 219.7, Approximate 0.7% 1st Target and 1.2% 2nd Target, achieved by 10:45 in the morning. Almost all 3 sell calls achieved targets within a time frame of 2-3 hours maximum.

This is not the single day we are observing the performance. We observe the similar working pattern in this strategy. You can check back data by clicking on the highlighted "Date Calendar" on the Intraday Buy or Intraday Sell recommendation window.

For instance, let us check today's working. We had total 7 calls generated througout the day. Among them, 4 were buy calls and 3 were sell calls. Total 5 calls have achieved target among these 7 calls and 2 of them hit stop loss. If all the calls have been traded with exact entry point and highest targets achieved, a trader could have generated 18000 (Profit=27000, Loss=8800). (Profit and Loss are calculated based on the Futures lot size)

We emphasize on highest level of accuracy in trading. Though there were total profit of 27000 Rupees, trading in both way, there was loss in trading in two buy calls.This could be avoided. Means, losses can be curtailed by trading in safe manner. If the trader would have traded only in sell calls, he would have earned 14500 approximate.

Only sell side profit is less than total profit. But trading in only sell call is much more advisable. Why we say so, the answer is given in the trading discipline designed by our reserach team.

Today, Nifty was trading in red - means negative zone. So that, the sell call has shown excellent success. If we consider percentage success ratio of Buy and Sell call separately, it is 50% and 100% respectively. Now, who would like to trade in 50% success ratio?

The simple reason behind this difference is that market was in negative zone and hence, it would have been wrong decision to trade on buy side. We have laid down few simple rules for trading on this system. We call it our "Trading Dicsipline".

1. Decide the market trend in first few minutes.
2. Select the calls based on the direction of the market. Means trade in sell calls when market is in negative and vic-e-versa.
3. Avoid trading when the market is trapped in a small range.

just follow these simple rules and use the state of the art NSEData Intraday Trading System to make a profitable journey in stock market.

Happy Trading...Trend is Friend...

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