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10640.95      -83.45 -0.78%


26654.25      -140.00 -0.52%
ACC 1331.70 (-1.53%) Link
Symbol     LTP Chng%
RPOWER 11.35   + 11.27
RCOM 6.10   + 10.91
RELINFRA 123.15   + 7.13
DISHTV 35.15   + 6.84
RHFL 25.55   + 6.68
Symbol     LTP Chng%
GVKPIL 5.30    -8.62
HSCL 95.35    -7.79
IRB 111.95    -7.44
FINPIPE 455.10    -7.28
IBVENTURES 270.70    -6.62
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Williams %R (WR%)


Williams %R is a momentum indicator measuring overbought and oversold levels, similarto a stochastic oscillator. It compares a stock's close to the high-low range over a certain period of time, usually 14 days. It was developed by Larry Williams.

WR is used to determine market entry and exit points. WR produce values from 0 to -100.Value over 80 usually indicates a stock is oversold, while value below 20 suggests a stock is overbought.

Williams %R Calculation

As with other oscillators, a period of time, usually representing a set number of days of data up to "now" or "today" is used. Typically a 10 or 14 day period of data is used but some traders may use as low as 5 days or as high as 21 day worth of data in the period under consideration in the calculations.


Williams %R = (Highest high - Current close) ÷ (Highest high - Lowest low) * - 100


Williams %R is a momentum oscillator that measures the level of the close relative to the high-low range over a given period of time. Like all technical indicators, it is important to use the Williams %R in conjunction with other technical analysis tools. Volume, chart patterns and breakouts can be used to confirm or refute signals produced by Williams %R.

Sample Calculation

Technical chart for WR%

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